Tuesday, October 19, 2010

New Readers...

I never expected this blog to be read by people who don't know me but amazingly we've had a few new visitors in the past week, which to me is fascinating and a minor miracle. I only have other people to thank for this (friends, other TLG bloggers, and Google), but I want to thank anyone and everyone who is actually taking their time to come here and read my useless tidbits.

But for precisions sake (and my lawyers told me to do this [if you believe that, you are definitely a first timer]), I would like to throw a disclaimer out there to any new readers. I apologize in advance if I offend  anyone, especially native Georgians. I can be quite uncouth and ignorant at times, but please do not take it too seriously. I am kind of a joke myself, so do realize that everything to me is also a joke. There's nothing I hold to a higher standard than satire, and Georgia is ripe for the picking. But please do not let my humor blind you from the fact that I love this country and everything it has offered me so far.

Nothing is perfect, which is why I write what I write. But this land has so many redeeming qualities that it makes it tough not to open my mouth just a little bit. Thank you for your patronage and patience.




  1. Hi Max,

    I think this post gained you some publicity amongst Georgian blog readers :)


    Take care,
    Georgian from the abroad

  2. Hi max!
    I am Georgian/American living in NY, I enjoyed reading your blog you are an excellent writer.
    Good luck to you )

  3. Hi Max: I'm an American woman married to a Georgian and we love your blog! We read it and laugh and laugh. Keep it coming, you've replaced watching "House".

  4. Hi Max.
    I'm georgian and I read your block with pleasure.
    I like it and i like that you write what you realy feel.
    Good luck :)

  5. :D I meant blog not "block" :D

  6. you are a good man ;) MAX :)

    you are welcome in Georgia :),keep on blogging....