Monday, December 20, 2010


So, I know I've probably been letting down a lot of readers recently with my lack of posts, the terrible state of the blog (it looks like shit and gives me a headache), and my never ending promises for improvement. But instead of coming through on those promises, I can only say that the blog will be even more inactive than it's been since the beginning of November as tomorrow I'm heading to SE Asia for four weeks.

I may or may not post some thoughts while there, but it is tough to justify doing anything of the sort while traveling. So I'm not promising anything, but don't be surprised if I do let some things leak from my brain once a week or so. And as usual, I will try to relate it to Georgia in some way, since that seems to be why most people come to this site.

But I will leave you with another promise in that I'll be updating more frequently in the New Year and when I get back to Georgia, as it will be cold, miserable, and I'll have another five months to go, but this time without many of my friends who are leaving for real this time.

Until then, be good. Kargad...

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