Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Years

A few spare thoughts for your 1/1/11 (it's true whether you write in the American or European style!).

Erti - Malaysians share with Georgians the annoying tendency to play DJ with their mobile phones in public places. In Georgia, you could be trying to enjoy yourself on a marshrutka (if such a thing is possible) when some guy pulls out his phone and begins blasting either Waka Waka or Waving Flag (since those are the only two songs played in Georgia) via their budget mobile.

The same thing happens in Malaysia and I just don't get it. It's probably due to my American sense of respecting other people's surroundings. But apparently, nobody gives a shit in Malaysia... or Georgia. I mean, it happens in America, but usually we have the forethought to play music through descent means, like iPod speakers or a boom-box (if you're still stuck in the early-90s). But is the difference really just a matter of disposable income?

Ori - For some reason, all the cats in Malaysia have their tails cut short. I don't know how it happens, or why it happens, but it is odd nonetheless. I haven't seen many stray dogs in Malaysia (unlike Georgia, which I'm pretty sure is where the stray dogs of Europe go to retire, much like they do with Alabama in the States). But there are a ton of stray cats with nubs for tails who roam the restaurants and beaches. It does make me second guess the "chicken" in the plate of noodles I eat at hawker centers.

Sami - It's late and I have to catch an early ferry to Thailand tomorrow, so I won't go on much further (yes, the two thoughts I could come up with this evening were about cellphone music and cat tails). But I just wanted to thank everyone again for coming here and spending useful minutes on my useless thoughts. I wish the best in 2011. Gilotsva.

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  1. Hey Max,

    Sareta from Langkawi (well, from Scotland really!) here. Tried to find you on facebook but a million people with your name... So I googled your name & Georgia instead & found this! Add me on facebook if you can find me - Sareta Puri. Hope the rest of your Asia adventure was fun! Ours was awesome. That's me home now & Sam's in Oz.