Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Robbie Findley?

I'm even a Robbie Findley fan, but I don't get this.

When I checked to see who made the final cut, I was fairly happy that Bradley decided to go with 7 DF, but after I saw Brian Ching was cut, I couldn't do the math. Bedoya was out, no Rodgers (which I would have loved, but there really wasn't any room for him), no Eddie Johnson (deservedly so)... what the F? Then I saw Robbie Findley's name under the forwards section... But the ESPN article didn't even bring up his name, focusing more so on Gomez and Buddle. Typo?

Nope. I am baffled at this, but as I said earlier, Bradley gets paid to do this stuff; I do it for shits and gigs. But all I had heard about Findley was that he had been out of form (due to injuries and lack of playing time), and the fact that he didn't play last night only made it clearer that he was almost guaranteed a cut. But as I said, Bob knows better than me; if Findley was better than Johnson and Ching during the training, then yes, he deserves it. But this is still a big shocker.

Anyway, there will probably be a lot of outcry from fans and pundits just as there was over some of the call-ups into the 30-man squad. But it's all in the same vain, since there are only 11 players on the field, and on top of that, only five subs. So that makes 16 players who factor into each game, which means that the 23rd and 22nd guys chosen will probably never see the field. It's a lot of pissing and moaning over ceremony.

Yes, there can be yellow card accumulation or even red cards that cause players to miss matches, but I still think bringing in forwards who are really in form and letting them battle it out is a good idea, although it is risky because these guys (Gomez, Buddle, and Findley) have next to no experience.

I will say that I do feel bad for Brian Ching. As much grief as I give the guy, this has to be heartbreaking for him.

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