Tuesday, August 10, 2010

So it's been a couple months...

And I blame the Steelers for not raping anyone. I mean really, what's a guy got to write about between the Pens bowing out, the World Cup ending, and the Pirates wallowing away the dog days of summer? At least training cup started, am I right? Am I right?

Well actually I don't care about training camp, and all of the things I stated before could still be talked about in length. But that's not what this post is about.

The blog is heading in a different direction...

Since no one really follows this blog, it's really not a big deal. But hopefully, people will start to read the blog more often (I'm looking at you, Grandma!). Either way, I'll still be posting about Pittsburgh Sports and random stuff. But I'll also be posting about my journey to Georgia. No, not the place where Ben played hide the salami in the bathroom, the actual country of Georgia. Or as my Aunt refers to it, The Former Soviet Republic of Georgia.

So in honor of the new content (and the new format, check it out, there's books! That means I'm smart...), I'll be posting a little bit before I fly off to Georgia on August 15th. Some of the posts will be about Georgia, some will be about the Pirates, Pitt Football, and maybe the Steelers, and maybe there will be a post about some other random event that I find amusing (USA/Brazil tomorrow night!).

But all I wanna say is... GNJB is back (yeah, I am too lazy to change the name and URL, deal with it).

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