Thursday, April 1, 2010


While I'm watching the Pens waste a five-minute power play (pathetic display; I think they had two, maybe three good chances in five minutes), I'll brandish you all with a little Bucco's optimism.

First is WHYGAVS second part of their season preview with the focus being on Andrew McCutchen. I was pretty firm on Cutch turning himself into a better outfielder (he put up a -0.7 UZR last season, but I could see him as a legit +5/7 consistently) but not being able to sustain the power surge he showed last year. Pat's post gives me hope that Cutch might prove me wrong in the power department. Let's hope that's true.

And then there is this post from TMI at ESPN (insider only, sorry) that predicts the Pirates winning the division... three times out of a hundred. I like those odds.

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