Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Before I say anything I have to ask just one question: Why oh why, did Ben not get his haircut just two days earlier?

I had to send this along. It's a story from Channel 11 regarding the demise of Big Ben Jerky and the relief of a police dog Ben helped pay for.

The most disturbing part is towards the end:
The dog's handler will be given the option of buying him for $1 and keeping him as a pet. If the officer passes, others will get a chance to buy the dog for $1. Township officials say the dog will not be destroyed.
I think the word the author was looking for was "euthanized" or even "put to sleep." Destroyed?

The PensBlog has their playoff preview up, check it out.

I really liked how Tangradi handled himself in the season finale. Here's the recap of that game from PensBurgh.

The Bucco's were forced into starting Brain Burres last night, and so I didn't really even need to watch the game, you just knew they were gonna lose. And they did. Tonight should be better with Paul Maholm on the mound, although the Bucs lineup is going against a pretty good pitcher in Matt Cain (10/FSN).

WHYGAVS has a look back on the first week. The only thing I can definitely agree with is that this is not a 110-loss team... so, deal with that.

BuccoFans has a recap of how the draft prospects did this past week. I got to watch a little bit of Drew Pomeranz's start against Georgia on Friday night (Update: I have no life). He looked really good against some pretty solid competition, my only concern would be his fastball; it doesn't have great velocity (sits in the low-90s and peaks at about 93) and it doesn't generate ground balls. But he's got a smooth delivery, he's a big boy (6'5), and he's got a nice change up and breaking pitch to accommodate his fastball. I tried to think of a good comparison, and the best I could do is Ted Lilly, as he throws across his body a little bit, lands on a stiff front leg, and has a pretty fluid motion.

I would love for some position player to make a move in the next two months and establish themselves as a solid option at #2, but until that happens, we'll have to settle for a much more risky pitcher, and right now for me it would be between Pomeranz and HS RHP Jameson Tailon. Pomeranz doesn't have ace stuff, while Tailon does but is a much riskier pick. Here's a good recap of the Georgia/Miss game from Andy Seiler, who runs a pretty solid draft blog.

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