Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Pens 7 Sens 4

You really don't see these types of playoff games any more. There's too much grabbing and checking, few odd man breaks, and less penalties. But when the floodgates open, it's hard to reign it in.

Recap here, here, and here. It's obvious that Brian Elliot is out of his element, but that doesn't diminish what the Pens did last night. They were all over the offensive end of the ice, generating tons of shots, and taking advantage of the opportunities given them. Sid's a beast and it was nice to see some help come from some of the lesser knowns (I love me some Adams to Talbot). The only really disappointing part of the game was the Pens tendency to take dumb penalties while being up multiple goals. I shouldn't have had to worry once we were up 4-0, but unfortunately, due to some timely goals by the Sens, I had to pay attention for the last thirty minutes.

But 7-4... I'll take it. The Pens have a good chance to take a handshake at home on Thursday, something they haven't done since 2008. I'll be there, so hopefully I can turn around my own playoff record for this post-season.

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