Sunday, April 25, 2010


I'm really trying to understand why I watch Pirates games anymore. I went to a bar with my uncle to catch the Pirates game along with the Red Wings/Coyotes game. It was all down hill from there. The Pirates are fucking terrible, I can't stand to watch them... once the games start. Before the game, I'm telling myself, this could be it, they'll turn it around here, Morton can't be this bad, the Bucco bats are this close to breaking out...

They are fucking terrible.

UPDATE: The Pirates are still terrible, but I should probably avoid posting immediately following a game; too much boiling frustration (I wanted to put my head through a wall when Aki Iwamura was doubled off first base on a pop-up in the top of the first inning today; it's the major leagues, who does that?). I think part of it is the terrible play all around. The last six games have all followed the same pattern of pathetic performance right from the get-go; they haven't even had a lead or been close in any of the games. And it's not just one thing; it's everything.

But these are the Pirates; I should expect this, right? Well, no, not really. Usually, in the beginning of the season, the Bucs play well while I really don't care because I know it will taper off as there isn't enough talent to sustain a .500 season. So usually by the time the Pirates are playing terrible baseball (August/September) I know it doesn't matter because it's such an experiment at that point.

The fact that the Pirates are currently playing like they did the past two August/Septembers has been extremely frustrating because I'm just not used to it, but maybe I should give them a break since, for the most part, the Pirates are starting the season as an experiment. There are a ton of question marks on this team all around and for the most part, everyone has bombed or been injured (actually, I can't think of one positive surprise performance so far from the major league level... Garrett Jones is still drawing walks?), which has directly led to this terrible start. It's amazing how terrible everything has gone; it can only get better, right?

And that is my thought process as I sit down every night to watch this team, which is also why I get so distraught when the score is 5-1 by the third inning. So I'll continue to watch, and most likely continue to be posting profanity laced reactions from 10-3 beatings like we took today (the Pirates collected 14 hits today, but only one extra base hit; that is confounding. The Pirates wOBA in the past seven days is a flabbergasting .246). I have little else to do with my life, but please be patient with me while I'm patient with this team.


PS - If you would like to commiserate with other Pirate fans, BucsDugout is the place for you. My favorite line comes from biggyv, "It's sayin something... when the best Pirates-related news of the week is that Chris Jakubauskas didn't die."

Also, this is a nice summary of what Huntington has accomplished since he took over. As I've said before, the plan is right, but what it comes down to is whether the guys making the decisions are game. So far, it looks like not. The guys they are bringing in have talent, but clearly are missing that major league gene in order to carry it over to the show...

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