Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Since I Don't Get Paid

I will not apologize for my lack of posts... because if you're really interested in what I think, you probably have my phone number. Either way, I don't think I explained this initially, but I probably won't be posting on the weekend too much as I'm fairly busy (doing nothing productive), but in the meantime, I was surprisingly busy this Monday setting up the Tall Guy's new surround system and wishing my sister farewell (she is heading to South America for a month)... so it was a family day, and those are sacred, just ask John Terry.

In the meantime, here's what has been happening the past few days (of which I'm sure you're all aware), and just a few thoughts. Since I'm tired and a terrible blogger, there will be no links; although I had been really excited to drop some Monday Max Carey's on everyone.

The Pens won two in a row, dominating Detroit while getting unlucky, and then somehow slipping five goals past Ryan Miller. I was pretty happy with the Red Wings game, but for some reason, Miller (the best goalie in hockey right now IMO) has been letting up some fairly soft goals against the Pens this year. Either way, a good four points.

Pitt is not leaving the Big East, get over it. Although I think it would be a great idea because the $ in Big Ten football > the $ in Big East basketball. Or to make it easier, Big Ten basketball > Big East football (comparatively speaking). Plus, to play football against the likes of PSU, OSU, Michigan, Iowa... and Pitt would dominate Big Ten basketball.

Or... Pitt Basketball is not good right now. To be honest, I didn't watch much of the Pitt/SFU game on Sunday (whoops, the DVR didn't work), but what I did watch was not pretty. I'll have more to say later, but this season is either going down hill quick, or the Panthers are pulling a Steelers (playing down to their opponent).

Everton beat Wigan this weekend 1-0, but more importantly, the Merseyside Derby is this Saturday, and it's being played on ESPN2 (on HD! Next to hockey, soccer is the second best sport to watch on HD) at 7:30 a.m. I'll have more on this later, but all I ask is that you at least record the game, the atmosphere is unrivaled in sports.

And now for the topic everybody is talking about... Pittsburgh Penguins' Pirates. I have an opus ready that I'll post tomorrow (promise), which I'll probably puss out on, but I'll sum up my thoughts right now. Why?

Bob Nutting has done nothing in the three years he has been managing partner to have such an outward disgust for him. Yes, Nutting has been in charge for just three years, not 17. And even though I said in charge, he actually hired a highly capable man in Frank Coonelly (who in turn hired Neal Huntington- another highly capable man) to actually be in charge. I don't know if Nutting will spend when it's necessary to do so (even though there's very little evidence from his MLB ownership track record to think so), but I know that in the 30+ months he has been in charge, he's done everything I could have asked for (please do not respond with W/L records, thanks to McClatchy and Bonifay/Littlefield, this franchise was in a terrible spot when Nutting took over).

Which is not to say I think that Lemieux and Burkle owning the team would be for the worst (although it brings up my own doubts about whether they would retain Coonelly/Huntington), but I just don't see how it would change much. This was the best reaction I read, although I will have more tomorrow (please read that link, it hits it right on the head).

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