Saturday, February 6, 2010

Everton 0 Liverpool 1... Ugh

Wow, that was disappointing.

After being gifted a man advantage for the last 50 minutes of the game, Everton played with no creativity or passion, while Liverpool did everything you need to do to win a game when a man down. I give credit to Liverpool and Rafa Benitez, they outmanaged and outclassed the Toffees. But, really, what a sad display from Everton on one of the most important days of the year. A few quick thoughts:

What the hell was that Tim Howard? Just a terrible effort on the corner that led to the goal. It didn't help that Phil Neville sat their like a puddy mannequin, but there is no reason Dirk Kuyt should be able to stand his ground there.

Donovan didn't play well, but he wasn't the biggest culprit. It doesn't help pairing him up down the right hand side with Phil Neville, who contains no creativity whatsoever, but LD gave up the ball too easily, with most of those turnovers coming in compromising positions that led to Liverpool breakouts. But he also had a few plays that led to some good scoring chances.

I am always amazed by how much Dirk Kuyt gets out of his talent (I always find myself watching Liverpool and saying to myself, "Kuyt sucks."), I have to tip my hat to him. He always shows up at the Merseyside Derby and is a tough, hard-nosed forward. His game is similar to Tim Cahill's, except he is not as annoying to the opposing team.

Everton missed Fellaini's game in the second half, and thank God his leg is not broken, but how in the world did he make it far enough in the game for that challenge that led to the red card to actually happen. Before that, after a whistle, he kicked Kuyt in the head while the Dutchman was down (Kuyt was wearing quite the raspberry in the second half), that alone should have brought on some sort of caution, but add that to the fact that he skated after the red-card challenge...

Anybody who says soccer is for pansies should have watched this game, it settled down in the second half, but the first 45 minutes was full contact and just brutal.

Everton have to regroup quickly because they have Chelsea at home on Wednesday, and now is no time to go on a losing streak.

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