Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tuesday Tremblay's

Vincent Tremblay played one season with the Pittsburgh Penguins in the '83-'84 season, which we all know was the worst 'Guins season in history (16-58-6, 38 points, and 390 goals allowed... wow). Tremblay only started four games in net for that team, losing all four while allowing 24 goals on 142 shots (6.0 GAA, .831 SV%). It would be the last season Tremblay would feature in the NHL. But the more amazing thing about Tremblay is that's there is a Pittsburgh Sports related blog devoted to the man. But thanks to his lackluster play (along with everybody else on that team), the Pens got the #1 pick the next year and drafted Mario Lemieux... and the rest is history.

Pens won last night, and as I said before, it was an exciting game, but we can't expect to put five past Ryan Miller every time we face the Sabers (a real possibility in the playoffs), and the Pens let the 'Bers back in the game with some lazy play in the last period. Recap here, and here.

Pittsburgh sports journalists are taking aim at the bloggers because of the whole Pitt to the Big Ten rumor that spread like wild fire this weekend. I was gonna go into a rant about the whole thing, but it's better that I don't. Although I must implore Bob Pompeani to stick to McDonalds Steelers Trivia Challenge.

Charlie at BucsDugout has some interesting stuff on the whole Miguel Sano situation that went down this past summer. I was as bummed as anyone about losing out on Sano, but what it comes down to is this kid is just 16 (supposedly) and who knows what might happen to him down the road. I would like the Pirates to make some sort of splash in the Latin American market, but spending money just to prove you can is never a good idea (despite what most Pirate-haters may say).

Some people got all worked up when Neal Huntington responded to a question about Bryce Harper this past weekend. Fans read too much into it, so Pat at WHYGAVS and Tim at BUCCOFans laid it out pretty well for us (also, I'm kind of in agreement with Pat about the whole Tabata thing, if he's 24, that would suck).

This is pretty sweet. The advent of Troy Polamalu advertising is the best thing since we realized that Peyton Manning might actually be funny.

Here is another Mock Draft from the boys over at BTSC. There is literally nothing else to talk about in Steeler Country, or at least nothing that I want to talk about.

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