Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wednesday Woodson's

Marv was way before Rod. Woodson played parts of six seasons with the Steelers ('64-'69), accumulating 67 games played and 18 interceptions. Marv made the Pro Bowl in 1967, but had to endure some of the worst seasons of Steelers football during his tenure in the Steel City, including the '65 season (2-12, -195 point differential) and his last year in which he was traded to New Orleans. That last year ('69) was Chuck Noll's first year at the helm, and was one of the worst in team history (1-13, -186). Marv still stands at 18th in career interceptions for the 'Lers, just ahead of Carnell Lake and behind Chad Scott (the worst).

Not much going on right now, but Pitt plays WVU tonight in Morgantown (7 p.m. FSNP). I like the angle the PG took on the match up, as rivalry games can really inject some life into the most lifeless of teams (Browns/Steelers this year... yeah, I went there). But if Pitt is losing to the likes of SFU, I'm certainly not confident about their chances tonight. But that's why we play the games.

Matt Bandi over at Pittsburgh Lumber Co. is taking a look at the Pirates first attempt at a five year plan after the '96 season, the differences compared to the current plan, and how to avoid the mistakes we made before. Keep an eye on this.

The first update we've had on Bryce Harper in a while. This kid still has a lot of question marks about his game, although there is no denying the talent. Either way, if I ever faced this kid while I was on the mound, I would have thrown at him; it beats the alternative (him hitting a bomb off me) and fits the karma (the kid is a doucher).

There's also this write up from Baseball America on Harper's first weekend. I thought it was funny that his coach thinks that not allowing Harper to interact with the media, fans, and scouts was a good thing because it helped him get his weight up. It probably was and is a good thing, but not just because he can lock himself in the weight room, but probably to keep him focused (which includes conditioning, but come on... this kid has to have the biggest ego ever, and I don't really blame him).

There's a lot of talk about potential trades in the NHL, including some stuff from Faceoff-Factor (I wouldn't mind me some Rafa Torres), and then this about Ray Whitney.

In response to the John Terry fiasco in England, the US must say, "We were doing that before it was cool." First the War of 1812, now this.

Lastly, that opus on the Pirates ownership that I promised... not gonna happen. That ship sailed while I couldn't muster up the right thoughts or creative juices to finish a good post. Maybe some other time, but I should stop making promises.

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