Sunday, March 21, 2010

I Finally Woke Up

I really wasn't all that into March Madness this year. I filled out a bracket but only for shits and gigs (it's been busted for quite sometime, now). I just wasn't all that excited like I have been in previous years. Maybe it's the fact that there were very few dominant teams and notable players this year. Maybe I felt like after Pitt won those three huge away games early in the season, that was the highlight of the season, and nothing could top it.

But I finally got a chance to just vedge out today, do nothing, and watch some basketball. Two teams have me completely enthralled. St. Mary's (made up of a few Aussies and an Irish-Egyptian dominating big guy) and Northern Iowa (they run their offense to perfection, have a 7-foot white-guy who only shoots fade-away jumpers, some dude with muttonchops named O'Rear, and a sharpshooter named Ali Farokhmanesh... who is also white). It was fun seeing St. Mary's send 'Nova home (two days in the making because BoMo got the shaft), and it looks like Kansas might come back (with a little help from the refs) against NIU, but the point is simple; I will never doubt March Madness again. There's too much character to be ignored.

Plus, Bill Raftery is the T's.

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