Monday, March 8, 2010

New Name of the Blog

Velvet Elvis...

So I promise that this week will be chalk full of posts, but I'm gonna start with what everybody has been talking about recently. Oh, Benjamin...

I'm lazy, so I'm gonna go ahead and say exactly what everybody else has said, Ben is only guilty of poor judgment. That seems to be the prevailing thought from everybody out there, except for the guys who are already jumping off bridges and calling him Ben Rapelisberger. Although I did appreciate Mark Madden's defense of Ben as having too good of character to do anything like this (nice way to turn the issue into the Steelers' problem as well, Super Genius).

I still don't know any of the details, but if he was really in the women's bathroom trying to make a move, then yes, he was definitely using poor judgment. But until I know the full details, I'm gonna withhold my final opinion. But that doesn't mean I still don't have some things to ask and say.

Why does Ben have a house in Georgia? I just couldn't come up with a reasonable answer for this question. Unless there is something we really don't know about that area, like it's a Roethlisberger family vacation spot or he saw it as an investment... I just don't understand why that's his off-season home (I mean, I get why he's not in Pittsburgh, but why not Florida, where you know it's almost always warm, or even closer to Athens, GA where you can get all the college atmosphere you want?)

I brought this up before when I heard BB was partying at the Foggy Goggle/Matterhorn in January a few days before I was up there (apparently, it's a popular place for Steelers personnel as my sister told me she saw Tomlin up there this past weekend as well), but why does Ben party in lame places? This goes all the way back to when I actually met Ben at a bar in Charleston. The bar was called O'Malley's and is a well known college bar (that's codeword for underage bar). Dude's got a million dollars, hang out someplace cool.

Which get's me back to one of my original thoughts, Ben has what I like to call, "Micheal Phelps' Disease." He's extremely popular but has no idea how to handle it, and in turn, is just not cool. As I've said, I've met the guy once just to thank him for everything he's done as a Steeler, but it was in a loud/crowded college bar; hardly a 60 minutes sit-down. He seemed welcoming and nice... yatta, yatta, yatta. But I think we can all agree that he certainly isn't cool. Look at that f'n shirt he was wearing! He's 28 and bar hopping in a college town. Just not very cool.

But that's not a crime. Although it does connect to my final thought, which is his mind frame that possibly led to the incident. Ben is a young, rich celebrity, and I would say a majority of women find him attractive because of those reasons, but there's still a minority who don't. But Ben just doesn't understand that; not every woman wants to sleep with him... I won't get into whether or not Ben is good looking, and when alcohol's involved you can throw everything out the window, but a large majority of the girls I know are a little bit repulsed by him (the whole rape/sexual assault thing probably did not help). Ben, you are not Brad Pitt and you most certainly are not the reincarnation of Casanova. The sooner he get's that through his head, the better off he will be. Unfortunately, it looks like it may be too late.

I'm sure there's more to talk about, like his hiring of Ed Garland, the ridiculous press conference today from Woodrow Blue (not a good showing from the people of the rural south), and the more news that will come flowing in. But in the meantime, good hunting.

Also, I should have some Pirates, Toffee, US Soccer, non-assault Steelers news, and of course the Pens going on their annual March roll (and Matt Cooke's hit).

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