Thursday, March 4, 2010

Another Week, Another Drought

So, since I'm unemployed and have no true source of income, I'm on another trip (this time with the tall guy) in Arizona doing some cyclying. I might put a post up later about the city of Tucson and how sweet it is, but most likely those words will ring hollow and I won't do shit.

But again, I'm sorry for the lack of posts. I know the three people out there who actually follow the blog are lapsing into serious depression. There's been a lot going on lately including the Pirates starting the season (lotta links coming up), Pitt basketball, Southern Conference Tourney, Penguins starting play again including a somewhat significant trade, Everton getting knocked out of the Europa league, US losing to the Dutch... but all I have time for is Sid's goal.

I love me some America, but it is, what it is. And what a classic Sid goal; tries something a little too tough, puck goes in the corner, he scrums for it, makes a move towards the goal like he's Max Talbot (center drive!), the pass was perfect but Sid put it right where it needed to be... on net. I might have more later, but I will gaurentee you this, the US will win an Olympic hockey Gold by the time we die. So settle down.

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