Saturday, March 20, 2010

So that was pretty easy...

Who would have thought the Pirates would have handled the Red Sox so easily?

But seriously, great performance by the Panthers in their win over Oakland today. It was really the best way for the game to unravel; close game in the first ten minutes but mostly because of tough defense and bad offense, which will lead to Pitt wearing the opponent down and dominating the rest of the game.

There was this guy next to me and my sister at the bar who was losing it in the first ten minutes, complaining about how he, "can't watch Pitt, they're so terrible on offense." And every time Pitt wouldn't score on a possession, he would lose his shit and draw attention to himself; almost like he was taking pleasure in seeing Pitt not score. Thank God he didn't stick around to see that Pitt scored almost 90 points, because I was close to pulling a Jeff Tabaka on the dude.

Either way, I could barely watch the second half it was so boring, and instead had my eyes on SoCon champs Wofford while they blew a game they should have won against Wisconsin. No biggie, Pitt moves on, so all is well.

By the way, how good does Death at a Funeral look? That's a rhetorical question.

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