Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Watch Soccer

Okay, since I can only spend so much time in front of a computer, and with the day shaping up to be another beautiful afternoon in Pittsburgh, this will be my last post until this evening.

Yesterday, I got to watch two Champions League games, which were broadcast on FSN in HD. Arsenal stomped on Portugese giants Porto, and though it was a complete blowout, some of the passing and movement displayed by Arsenal was so liquid and beautiful, that I just kept watching even after the game was in hand. And Samir Nasri's goal was unreal.

And then I watched the Fiorentina/Bayern Munich game later last night, and what a game that was. Just as Fiorentina took the lead 3-1 (4-3 aggregate), Arjen Robben fired an absolute wonder goal from about 30 yards out to bring the score to 3-2 (4-4 aggregate, but Bayern led on away goals), which is how it finished with Bayern moving on despite Fiorentina pretty much dominating the game. That match is what the Champions League is all about, up and down action, tons of goals, and sheer desperation towards the end.

Unfortunately, the games today (Man U/AC Milan and Real Madrid/Lyon) are not on FSN but Fox Soccer Channel Plus. But if you can get a chance to watch, it's probably the best soccer you can see. It's not as significant as the World Cup (the tournament is every year instead of every four years, and country always comes before club), but the quality of play is better since they play together year round, and it's a two-leg tournament (home-away match up instead of winner takes all).

All right, I'm off my soccer soapbox. But do remember to tune in at 6:30 for the Pirates/O's live blog this evening.

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