Saturday, January 9, 2010

BoMo 3 Abercrombie & Fitch University 1

Let's go Bobby Mo! This is what life comes to when you move back to Pittsburgh after college, you go to the Robert Morris vs. Miami (OH) hockey game on Friday night. Actually the game was a lot of fun, and I got to go with the old man (Miami Alumnus). It was pretty evident midway through the first period that we were pulling for opposite sides. He was, for obvious reasons, cheering for Miami, while I didn't really have a reason to root for anyone, but I realized that RMU was a huge underdog (Miami is ranked #1 overall, while RMU is an unranked whose program is just a few years old), and then I remembered that Miami put me (a legacy!) on the waiting list only to reject me from their fine institution. Oh, and almost every Miami person I have ever met is a giant doucher.

Besides that, the game was highly entertaining. It was similar to a soccer match between the US and Brazil. Miami dominated as the puck was in RoMo's zone for about 75% of the game, and all three of RMU's goals were on the counter-attack (the first on a breakaway, the second on an odd-man break). Miami could have put the game away in the second period when they hit two posts, had numerous PP, and missed a wide open net. But to quote the most basic truism in sports, the longer you let an underdog hang around, the more likely they are to believe they can actually win.

But the highlight of the night was the Robert Morris Pep Band seen here:
There were probably a dozen kids who looked like they were from twelve different social circles. It was almost as bad as the pep band from our high school football games at Shady Side Academy. My Dad's personal favorite was the base player, while I was partial to the clarinet guys wearing hoodies under their RMU hockey jerseys (Jersey Foul). But the best part was easily the overweight band leader (pictured below the band) wearing a black valuer jump-suit, who not only played the keyboards but could not fit into those '60s size orange seats in the Igloo. All and all it was a pretty awesome night.

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  1. Voted number 2 pep band on Neville Island....they kick...the best part of the Hockey showcase could get a beer.....too bad I wasn't drinking....