Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wednesday Wendell Young's

The only cool thing I could find on the great Wendell Young, he is the only hockey player to have won a Memorial Cup (in 1982 with the Kitchener Rangers), a Calder Cup (with the 1988 Hershey Bears), a Turner Cup (with the 1998 and 2000 Chicago Wolves), and a Stanley Cup(with the 1991 and 1992 Penguins). That's a lot of hardware. Good for him.

Look out Sandcastle, there's a new center for disease in town. I'm just looking forward to the people watching.

Huge night in Pittsburgh Sports, as the Panthers take on UConn in Hartford, CT (much easier place to play than in Storrs) at 7 pm and it will be on ESPN2 (I'm hoping for Dan Shulman and Jay Bilas). The last time the Panthers were in Hartford, Dejuan Blair almost ripped off Hasheem Thabeet's arm like it was a Zach Snyder movie:

Then the Pens take on the Calgary Flames in Calgary at 9:38 pm. I just want to see a solid game from the Pens, which will be tough against a good team like the Flames. Score a PP goal, no soft goals, cycle the puck, and please get Geno a few points. I don't ask for much... Follow the game at the Empty Netters Blog over at the PG.

I found this last night and thought it was pretty funny:

How does no one catch that?

As everyone already knows, Lane Kiffin used the University of Tennessee like the lonely girl at the after-prom party. I'm pretty sure most UT fans are still crying, balled up on the floor of their shower- well either that or defacing a rock with profanities. I don't blame Kiffin, it's a free country, but this just solidifies his reputation as a bit of a scum bag, so he'll fit right in at USC- as will that smoke-show wife of his.

What a reunion! Romeo Crennel, Charlie Weiss, and Scott Paoli are all together again in Kansas City. My initial reaction is that I like Todd Haley, and Weiss is a hell of an offensive coordinator and professional eater. But Crennel never really impressed me. Belichick and Ernie Adams are the brains behind those great Pat defenses of the early 2000s, Crennel seemed to have just taken the credit, and Cleveland's defense under Romeo was never that special. Should be an interesting dynamic in KC.

As I said before, sometimes seeing the other guys stumble is more satisfying than seeing your guys succeed. At Anfield, to a Championship team, losing Torres & Gerrard to injury in the process... wow, just wow.

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