Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday Guido Merkins

I found about Guido Merkins last night, when somebody listed the QBs who have played for the Saints in between Archie Manning and Drew Breese. Probably the greatest name ever. If you don't know what a guido is, obviously you have not been watching these people (on another note, is Angelina going to be on the second season? Needless to say she doesn't deserve it, but just her appearing at the reunion show is like Mike Zigomanis getting a day with the cup). And if you don't know what a merkin is, I just feel sorry for you.

The Pens beat the Flyers 2-1 yesterday afternoon in a fairly boring game, which is exactly what the doctor ordered. Despite all the penalties, the Pens played some pretty good defense, really limiting the scoring opportunities for the Flyers. Recaps here, here, and here. Another big game tonight at MSG against the Rangers (7 p.m. on Versus, looks like all you DirecTV customers must go to a bar to catch this one), and I will be keeping a very close eye on how the Pens defend against Marian Gaborik.

Pitt Basketball played an absolutely terrible game yesterday while losing to the Seton Hall Pirates 64-61. Despite turning the ball over 20 times, shooting 35.3% from the field, and getting all the help they could ask for from the refs, Pitt stayed in the game late thanks to their rebounding and the Pirates' shooting down the stretch. This wasn't an easy game, Seton Hall is better than their record (most of their Big East losses were close games), but it's more frustrating considering how terrible they played. Ashton Gibbs needs to snap out of this shooting funk as well, because the Panthers can't expect to consistently win when Gibbs shoots 11-43 over three game stretches. Pitt plays St. Johns on Thursday night back at the Pete, and hopefully they can get back on track.

As I mentioned yesterday, the US lost to Hondurus 3-1. Player ratings can be found here and here. My quick thoughts, Bornstein did play pretty well, but I still am not confident with him starting at left back for the US come June. He's got pace, and that's it. Everything else (touch, passing, crossing, defending) is inconsistent. But to be fair, who else can play LB? If it were me, I'd do what we did in the Confederations Cup, put Bocanegra at LB and play Gooch with Demerit in the middle. We'll see.

Robbie Rogers is talented, and though there are still some things he needs to work on (crossing, defensive positioning) there is no reason to leave him off the US roster. His blast off the post from distance in the second half was special, and something that the US lacks.

Conor Casey's performance against Hondurus in qualifying may have single handily won the US a berth in the WC '10, and I thank him for that. But he is just not good enough to take a roster spot for the upcoming World Cup. He has zero touch, no pace, and lacks any danger from outside the box. I'd much rather have Brian Ching as a target forward (something I never thought I would say). He's just not that good.

The next game for the US is nearly a month away against El Salvador on February 24th. Hopefully, those players that were so lackluster on Saturday will not see the field that much. More soccer news later.

I might have more to say on the Saints/Colts match up for the Super Bowl later, but I must say that my picks have been superb so far. In the playoffs, I am now 1-9 (my only correct pick was Ravens over Pats), although I was very prescient yesterday in saying that both picks "will be wrong". I'll be rooting for the Saints of course (how can you not), but in the meantime, I think the spread will end up at around Colts at 6.5?

I have to go take care of some stuff, more later. But in the meantime, here is Aziz Ansari talking to Jimmy Kimmel about R. Kelly.

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