Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday Freddy Sanchez's

Freddy was born with a pigeon-toed left foot and a clubbed right foot. Now that, my good friends, is perseverance.

The Pensblog looks at last night's solid "come from behind" win against the Oilers. Apparently Charlie got kind of excited based on the banner.

The Buccos are on the verge of signing Octavio Dotel, I'll wait to hear what the terms of the deal are before I render an initial opinion. But in the meantime, a different Charlie looks at the deal over at BucsDugout.

I mentioned them in an earlier post, but if you haven't purchased Vampire Weekend's new album Contra, do yourself a favor and go to iTunes and spend the $10. If you don't trust my word, check out what the New York Times has to say about it. "California English" and "White Sky" are two my early favorites.

Everton have sold Lucas Neill for a bit of money (750k Euros), which I think is a good deal considering they got him on a free transfer. But like David Moyes, I am a little concerned over who might replace him. Like the link says, there are good options the will be ready to step in next month, but what to do in the meantime? Shane Duffy looked really good when he had to step in during the Europa League, but he is just 18. It's important that they don't invest too heavily since they have so little time before Jagielka and Yobo will be back soon.

I have already provided two links regarding the Steelers' new offensive line coach, but here is a third more comprehensive one put together by Blitzburgh over at BTSC. I didn't realize how important this hire is, and I hope a lot of work was put into it, at least more than it seems based on how quickly they hired a replacement. My buddy Kass and I have been discussing the Big Ben/O-line debate under the Pens Flames post, and I dug up a couple of different links that might interest some of you. Check it out if this sounds intriguing and join the discussion if you'd like. I would like to see more people use the comments section to voice their opinions on subjects, so we can get a pretty good dialogue going here, or at least be able to call Peyton Manning a "pussy."

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