Tuesday, January 5, 2010

First Post

So, it took awhile, but it's here.

I'm not trying to move mountains here, just get back to writing. The key to writing is the key to anything in life, motivation and repetition. So that is why at first, this blog will delve into a wide range of topics.

My life revolves around Pittsburgh Sports (pathetic), so naturally most of the posts will revolve around the Steelers, Penguins, Pirates, Pitt sports, my hatred for WVU and ND, the RiverHounds, etc. You know, all things that most other Pittsburgh sports fan's talk about it... and then some.

But there are other things that pop into my head and elicit more than a few reactions. I've come to love soccer over the past few years (I call it and will call it soccer, because I'm American and it's easier to type than European Football). I follow Everton FC at the club level and the US at the international level, but I've come to appreciate any attractively played soccer.

Hard to believe it, but my interests range past sports into pop culture. Anything from TV, books, or the cinema. Basically, nothing is off hands, and although this will not be a diary by any means, it may come off as that when you are saying to yourself, "Why am I reading about Max's fascination with Vonnegut books?" What I am hoping is that my writing will be compelling enough for you to continue reading or that maybe you will give these topics a chance, and if that doesn't happen (most likely) hopefully there will be enough posts that you can still stay entertained.

Eventually, I would like some of my friends to post as well, but for the time being, please use the comment section below to initiate any conversation/argument, which includes any ideas or suggestions. And yes, I know the blog is a little bare, but please give me time to learn the format. And if anyone is interested in coming up with some artwork for the front page, just email me.

Max Schneider


  1. Max, luv da blog. I dont know why you call your passionate interest in Pittsburgh sports "pathetic," but perhaps you can explore this feeling more fully in a future post as I know myself and many fellow natives have a deep-seeded love for Burgh sports as well. Ydm

  2. I just have this constant feeling in the back of my head that says my life would be better well spent if I devoted my time to other efforts. But alas, alas, here I am.