Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tuesday Tony Pena's

Tony Pena was the Bucco's starting catcher for those fairly non-descript early-80's teams. He was a fan favorite while in Pittsburgh, beloved for his style behind the plate, which included his unique low, one-leg-out crouch, and also because he made it through the cocaine years unscathed.

He was surprisingly traded to the Cardinals in April of 1987 for Andy Van Slyke, Mike LaValliere, and Mike Dunne, a move that many long-time Pirate fans have compared to the Nate McClouth trade. Let's hope it turns out just as well- the Bucs ended up winning three consecutive NL East titles from 90-92 with AVS and LaValliere playing keys parts. One last fact about Pena, to heal sore arms, he would make a mixture of lamb grease and oil and apply it to the limb. Yummy.

Ron Cook thinks it's a good idea to resign Jeff Reed before he becomes an unrestricted free agent. And based on Cook's notion that the Steelers should have extended Willie Parker over Heath Miller, we should definitely listen to this guy. But seriously, I agree with the idea, although it's certainly not the number one priority, I would be working on extensions for LaMarr Woodley and Santonio Holmes first. But even back when Reed blew the game against the Bears, as everyone was cursing his name I thought it was the time to buy low and extend his contract. Now, with the apparent playoff kicking crisis, Reed's value has never been higher. But at that same time, kickers in the NFL have never been as accurate as they are now, and there are plenty of kickers available, so there's no reason to overpay like the Colts did with Adam Vinatieri.

The Steelers are on the verge of hiring a new ST coordinator, Al Everest. I know nothing about this guy, but that his contract was not renewed by the 49ers can't be a great sign. Although he was hired there by Mike Nolan, so it's probably more of a case of Singletary wanting his own guy. More to come later.

The Pens play the Islanders tonight, which as I said yesterday, is no gimme. Follow the game on the Empty Netters blog over at the PG, who has mercifully announced that neither John Curry or Alexander Perchuowksawitzoberger will be letting in softies... Brent Johnson will be doing that. Check out that sweet picture EN has of Ralph Macchio in Isles garb.

Deadspin received an interesting photo that has been circulating around UT's campus of Lane Kiffin and Mike Tomlin. I could care less about this stuff, but I know some of you Tomlin haters out there might like this.

My friend Trevor sent this along to me. Pretty disturbing stuff, don't watch the video right after you eat. This kid should fit in well with the Devils.

I'm sure you may have already seen this, but Greeny from Mike & Mike in the Morning on ESPN radio had a bit of a slip up yesterday. I'm sure it was an honest slip of the tongue, but Jebus, what a bad slip. Although, apparently it wasn't the first time.

And finally, a quick note on the new season of 24. If you didn't watch the back to back double episodes the last two nights, you didn't miss anything amazing. The cavalcade of actors from various roles we remember continues: Benjamin "Bubba" Blue plays the director of New York's CTU who is constantly wrong and a hard-ass; the hacky-sack dude from She's all That plays a CTU field agent who is dating the analyst with a sketchy past; Herc from The Wire plays the corrupt cop who is a total meat-head; Percy Wetmore from The Green Mile plays a creepy bad guy he does oh-so-well (also, is his character name in Green Mile a subtle attempt at comedy by Stephen King?); the host from Slumdog playing the promiscuous but peaceful president of a made up Middle Eastern country (what?); the President's brother who is played by an Arab Jason Schwartzman, but you knew was sketchy from the get-go because of his flavor saver; the Russian mob boss/terrorist played by General Radek from Air Force One (or Grandpapa from Beer Fest); and then in the preview for next week, we get the return of Lou Ashby from Californication as another Russian mobster. They really outdid themselves this season.

Other than that, the first 234 minutes of the season were just like any other season with betrayal, plot twists, and JB Paul-Bunyoning a terrorist with an Ax. The only development that makes the rest of the season worth watching is the complete transformation of Renee Walker into a nut-job, female version of Jack (circa seasons 1-3). I'm really looking forward to her going rogue and then pulling out some guy's tongue during an interrogation. Good times.

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