Sunday, January 10, 2010

Weekend Links and Tidbits

I will be heading up to Seven Springs this afternoon, so I may be out of commission for a day or two. By supporting Seven Springs, I'm supporting Bob Nutting, and therefore supposedly supporting the Pirates. Although if you ask any generic Pirate fan, all the money goes straight into Nutting's pocket, so really, who's counting?

First and foremost, I found this little tidbit quite compelling. I think your franchise quarterback should have some say in things such as the QB coach and OF coordinator, but to have the final say might be a little much. Well, I shouldn't use "final say," but if Ben "saved" BA's job, that seems like we're putting a little too much faith in our QB's human resource skills.

The more important question has to be, what is really going on here? First, there was the rumor that BA leaked the firing himself, then word came out that Tomlin told BA he could stay if he committed to the run, and now this... I just wish everyone was on the same page.

There's some interesting talk going on in Pirate land. I think Rick Ankiel would be a great addition, but only on a one year deal with an option year. Odds are, Ankiel's agent and anti-Christ Scott Boras will get some team to bid against themselves (which is how he got Holliday all that money) and will got Ankiel a three year deal. I really wouldn't even mind if the Pirate's didn't add another position player, because the guys on the current roster could prob do the same job (there's some other really good stuff at Pittsburgh Lumber Co. right now). I would like to see the Bucs close on DJ Carrasco and Octavio Dotel.

This story is disturbing, and even if you laugh just a little bit, there's nothing funny about dead cats. Although I would really like to visit "the land of milk and tuna."

Here's a link to the Everton highlight's from yesterday, including an extended look at most of Donovan's touches.

Final thought on the playoff games from yesterday, I was about to put some money on the games and thank God I did not, as I was way off on both games. I blame reading Bill Simmon's newest column, which was very convincing. But I should have known. Thank you to my friends for their input, and thanks to the Pens for having a game last night which convinced me I was not going to bet on a game I couldn't watch. As for today's games, I like the Ravens +3.5 and GB -1.5. Based on my track record, I would bet the other way.

And lastly a celebrity post from an (anonymous) buddy of mine after I told him about the Bromance between BB and BA:

You gotta be fucking kidding me. Where did you hear this? Ben might be retarded. Why would they let him have a hand in any decision? Since he has been in the league, he has gotten fatter and lazier every year; he continues to under-throw receivers. I am also tired of his bullshit about not throwing in the off-season. You think Brady or Manning don't throw in the off-season? Try and lose some fucking weight too! Completely over inflated sense of self-worth. I digress...

Nothing will make a Steelers' fan go off the deep end like Big Ben and Bruce Arians. Chew on that for a bit.

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