Friday, January 8, 2010

Quick Reaction on the Nat' Champ'

Why didn't I see any of this tonight? If there's anything good that comes out of watching UT football, it's seeing two hot longhorn chics somehow getting the best seats in the house and having the camera on them non-stop (my theory is that those seats are saved by the television network and handed out to the best 2-4 good looking girls they can find pregame). But what did we get? Shots of Mark Ingram's Mom. I'm sure she's a lovely lady, but I would take this...

... over having to hear about Mark Ingram's Dad one more time. That's some good airtime for a felon.

Why did Texas waste a timeout before getting the ball back late in the 4th? We found out later that they didn't have enough players on the field, but even so, odds are it's a fair catch so who cares if they don't have 11 guys on the field?

What's with college football teams having guys on opposite sides of the ball with the same number? I understand that programs like UT have 195 guys on scholarship, but only a certain amount dress... It's just confusing and unnecessary.

That onside kick was pretty funny, but are we sure it was an onside kick? The kicker just blistered one right at a guy, that's some unreal accuracy on a oddly shaped ball to nail that kid. But it did remind me of the black kicker from the Water Boy scanning the line before he kicked it onside, "Yeah, that's my bitch."

Garrett Gilbert, what a name! I feel bad for the kid, but it could have been worse, he had a good run once he realized that all he had to do was throw the ball to Shipley (a rich man's Tyler Grisham). Either way, he could be the best GG since Wall Street.

What's with TV not showing the guy who runs out onto the field? Usually they just cut to the announcers, but tonight they teased us by showing it from the Goodyear Blimp. My solution, show the festivities, but have the announcer just repeat what you will face when caught. I would love to see some drunk fratter getting tackled by Roddrick Muckelroy while Brent Musburger reiterates the California penal code.

Greg McElroy is a ginger? Tim Tebow is rolling over on his cross.

That was a bit much to score at the end on 'Bama's part. The game was over, take a knee. Instead they score, which makes history look at it as a blowout (it clearly wasn't), and led to another INT from GG (I think I will become a huge GG fan just to use the acronym). Classless if you ask me. It also ruined my prediction.

Colt McCoy crying! Actually he held it together well, and he's the guy I really feel bad for... actually, wait, he gets to go home with the girl at the top, so I don't feel bad for him. That's karma. But between him and Tebow, I'd take Colt everyday.

(JS Spoiler Alert!)

The end time worked out perfectly as I got to catch Ronnie kicking the shit out of some idiot on the Jersey Shore. I mean, he beat the crap out of this dude, who actually picked the fight. That guy is getting a lot of business from his friends right about now. It was all Sammi's fault, and I don't blame Ronny for that supposed "push." But it would be just like Sammi to turn the fault on Ronni and manipulate him into apologizing. Meanwhile The Situation is still killing it, and Snookie got hit in the face again. One final observation, Ronnie looked like he gained some weight on the after-show, which is kind of scary.

(Rereading this, did anybody else notice that I spelled Ronnie three different ways? I'm not even going to fix it, I'd rather leave it as an example of how poor your writing can get over two years of inactivity)

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