Thursday, January 7, 2010

Thursday Tike Redman's

A few fun facts for all you Tike Redman fans out there; his real name is Julian Jawaan Redman, he's got a brother named Prentice who still plays in the Dodgers' organization, and Tike himself still plays for the Newark Bears in the Independent Leagues. All I know is that the Redman boys are still living the dream, and I'm all for that.

Speaking of the Pirates, one of my favorite Pirate bloggers found a new home at TitleTahn, Corey Hume writes about his plan for the 2010 Buccos.

This is a pretty good open letter written to Bruce Arians over at ITSC. It's a good read for all of you who are still on the ledge over the 'lers decision to keep BA.

On other Steelers' news, they have finally fired their ST coordinator Bob Ligashesky. I would say this is long overdue. I'm sure the talent on our ST is not great, but I would think the gap in that area of professional football cannot be that wide, and therefore it comes down to coaching. The Steelers have never had great ST, which has always bothered me, because that seems like a facet of the game that is way undervalued throughout the league- a yard is a yard. That's why I hope the Steelers take the search for a new coordinator seriously and spend the money necessary to bring in a qualified candidate (Bill Cowher?).

Pens Flyers tonight, I really don't have to say all that much. There are not many teams I hate in sports more than the Flyers. Although I went to my first Keystone game in Philly in mid-December, and though I was talked out of wearing a Pens' Jersey, I will say that it was not as hostile as I thought it would be. I think I got only one "Penguins suck" screamed right in my face, but almost everyone else was indifferent- they were more worried about the game or yelling profanities at Crosby. But the highlight of the trip was in the bathroom immediately following the Pens SO win. It was packed in there and fairly somber, and as I stepped up to the urinal, a guy came in and moaned over the group, "I hate the fucking Penguins." He repeated this a few times and then uttered, "Sidney Crosby can lick... my... ball-sack." The guy in the urinal next to me said, "You need to get a hobby, buddy." Highlight of the night... well, that and the leadership van.

That was an actual mini-van parked in the lot next to the arena. What a tool.

There was a very good article in this week's New Yorker about Vampire Weekend, their new album, and how they deal with the criticism of popularity. For all of you living in NYC, they'll be playing two shows on the Sunday and Monday of MLK Jr. weekend. (Subscription necessary to read the article, but if you're really interested, go out and buy this edition, as there's also interesting articles on Whole Foods, China's Environment, and a decent review of Avatar.)

As for the National Championship game tonight, I feel like Alabama is going to beat Texas handily 30-21. But really, who cares?

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